Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety and Stress

f you have anxiety or stress, progressive muscle relaxation can help calm your mind and your body, and help you feel better emotionally and physically.

Anxiety and stress not only cause emotional upset and discomfort, but they create tension in the body such as headaches, stiffness in the neck, or tightness in the chest and abdomen.  Body tension is a result of the fight or flight response being activated, and it lingers in the body long after anxiety or stress are gone.  To make matters worse, we tend to cycle in and out of periods of anxiety and stress, which keeps our nervous system in a chronic heightened state, and then the cumulative effects take a toll on our body.

A big problem is that anxiety, stress, and body tension is our default state and we don’t even recognize it.

Why does Progressive Muscle Relaxation work to decrease anxiety and panic?

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Why I <3 Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness and Why Has it Become So Popular?

It is helpful to look at mindfulness in two ways.  First, mindfulness is a way of being that includes a quality of mind and an innate capacity that we all have.  Our brain has the capability for awareness, attention, focus, and control, and we naturally flow in and out of these states regularly whenever we are conscious.  So rest assured, mindfulness is not something that is available to an enlightened few, you already possess it.

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