How would your life be better if you were finally free from anxiety?

Anxiety can range from bothersome worry to full-blown, shut your life down panic attacks and everything in between.  Anxiety is exhausting and can interfere with your daily life, creating serious problems, which often times lead to more anxiety! 

If you are struggling with anxiety, you are likely fearful that there is nothing you can do to make it go away because you’ve tried everything you know, and yet it spikes up again and again.  Maybe you’ve even settled on the idea that anxiety is in your genes and something you just have to live with for the rest of your life. 

I have good news!  Anxiety is curable, and it doesn’t have to come from a pill.  Therapy provides guidance and support to help you get through the choppy waters of anxiety to a calm and peaceful existence. 

I know first-hand how anxiety can disrupt your life and sink your self-confidence and esteem.  Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and dangerously flirting with agoraphobia (not wanting to leave my house without someone “safe”), I have been anxiety free for over 20 years.  It is because of my miraculous recovery from anxiety that I have devoted my life to helping others achieve the same freedom and peace of body, mind, and spirit that I did.

Although anxiety is scary for sure, it doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously.  Sometimes a little lightheartedness and laughter can go a long way.  I approach each person with compassion and curiosity in order to deeply connect with you and your struggles, and to walk with you every step of the journey to being anxiety free.

Working with me, you will:

Learn the anatomy and physiology of anxiety and how it is affecting you, personally

  • Understand the biological, environmental, and cognitive factors that created your anxiety in the first place and keep it going
  • What you can do to overcome your anxiety once and for all (it’s not what you think, I promise)
  • Learn tools, tips, and tricks to nip your anxiety in the bud and help you find immediate relief and get back to your life

Are you ready to say goodbye to your anxiety and move forward  with the confidence that you will never have to let anxiety control you or your life again?

Give me a call and let’s get started! 

By the end of our first session, you will:

  • Learn and master the most important tool for coping with anxiety and panic
  • Have a concrete plan for moving forward in your life anxiety free
  • Feel relieved that you are finally doing something positive to feel better and get back to living your life!