One Minute Breathing Meditation

Got one minute to spare?  Try this simple and relaxing one-minute breathing meditation.  It might be the easiest thing you do for you all day!


Benefits of the one-minute breathing meditation include:

  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system dissolving stress and anxiety
  • Slows down and calms the mind
  • Activates and strengthens the prefrontal cortex
  • Enhances mindfulness
  • Boosts resilience and self-directed neuroplasticity
  • A terrific tool for your self-care practice
  • A great practice for all levels of meditators
  • A simple and portable practice


I’d love to have you join me again, or if you’d like to practice on your own, you can download a copy of the meditation script here.


One Minute Breathing Meditation

  • Begin by sitting in a comfortable position
  • Soften or close your eyes and direct your awareness to your breath
  • Breathing gently and naturally, simply follow the rhythm of your breath
  • As you breath in, feel your stomach and lungs expanding
  • As you breath out, letting go
  • Breathing in, feel your body getting fuller
  • Breathing out, letting go of any tension or stress
  • Breathing in, feeling alive and awake
  • Breathing out, feeling relaxed and calm
  • On your final breath, lengthening the breath and breathing in deeply
  • And slowly letting it go