The Struggle Switch

Do you struggle with anxiety?  Do you wish you could just make it go away for good?  The truth is, we all struggle with anxiety to a degree.  The bad news is, we can’t always make anxiety go away, but we can learn ways to cope with it when it shows up.

In the video below, The Struggle Switch, Dr. Russ Harris uses the analogy of a switch that turns on when we experience anxiety.  When the switch goes on, we struggle and our anxiety grows bigger.  Because we are anxious, we then begin to experience other negative emotions, such as anger, sadness and guilt.

With practice, however, we can learn to turn the struggle switch off.  By turning the struggle switch off, our anxiety goes away on its own.  Dr. Harris makes the point that if we turn our struggle switch off when anxiety shows up, and we carry on with life, engaging in activities that matter to us, we don’t necessarily have to suffer and miss out on life.

So how do we turn the struggle switch off?

First, recognize that anxiety is a normal human emotion that we all get to experience.  Second, when anxiety shows up, and the switch goes on, recognize that you have the choice to turn the switch off.  Rather than getting caught up in your anxiety and other negative emotions, acknowledge that they are there, and continue on with your day.

But how can I continue on with my day when I feel so anxious?”  I hear you, anxious one.  And believe it or not, you can continue on with whatever it is that you are doing, even in the presence of anxiety.  It may not feel comfortable, at first, but it is possible.  You simply have to practice and persist moving on even when you are anxious.  Eventually, you will come to discover that anxiety comes and goes but that it doesn’t have to shut down your life. 

I hope that you enjoy the video and that it opens up the possibility in your mind that YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRUGGLE, AND YOU CAN CARRY ON WITH LIFE, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ANXIETY!