What Does It Mean To Be Anxiety Free?

How can I be anxiety free?  How do I make anxiety go away?  How do I get anxiety to stop?  What am I doing wrong that I keep having anxiety?  I was doing so good and thought I was cured and now it’s back?  Am I’m going backwards?  What is wrong with me?  Am I broken?

These are just a few of the exasperated questions I hear from people I work with who have anxiety.  Because anxiety feels so uncomfortable and is so disruptive to life, it makes sense that we just want it to go away and never come back.

In this post, I hope to shed some light on the what it means to be “anxiety free.”

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The Best Self-Help Books for Anxiety

Raise your hand if you LOVE the world of self-help or as some like to call it, self-improvement!  I know I do!

When it comes to anxiety, going to therapy is my top recommendation for overcoming and managing your worries and fears. It can be comforting to share your struggles with a caring and skilled therapist who understands and who can guide you through the maze of anxiety. 

However, not everyone is able to go to therapy…

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The Struggle Switch

Do you struggle with anxiety?  Do you wish you could just make it go away for good?  The truth is, we all struggle with anxiety to a degree.  The bad news is, we can’t always make anxiety go away, but we can learn ways to cope with it when it shows up.

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A Two Minute Tool to Calm Anxiety and Panic

While there are many different tools that work to ease anxiety, breath work is one you will definitely want to try.  By working with your breath, you are able to calm your body, clear your mind and exit the anxiety loop rapidly.

Heart focused breathing is a quick and easy tool that calms anxiety and panic.  Developed by HeartMath®, heart focused breathing is a technique that targets anxiety in multiple ways. 

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4 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Anxious Thoughts 

The thing that stands between where you are and the life you desire is your thoughts. 

Questioning your negative thoughts is a powerful tool to help reduce anxiety when it strikes.  The problem with anxiety is how it seems to control our thoughts.  We catastrophize, awfulize and fortune-tell frightening futures.  This fallacy of thinking—and believing faulty thoughts--only adds fuel to anxiety’s fire. 

The truth is, we have control over our thoughts. With keen awareness and unwavering determination, we can choose to recognize our unhelpful thinking patterns, push aside negative thoughts and make room for positive thoughts that will result in more positive feelings. By . . .

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Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men

Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward MenThe Holidays are in full-swing!  For many, the hustle and bustle of the season can create a sense of overwhelm and stress.  For others, the holidays can be especially difficult to navigate if experiencing grief, loss, or depression.

Meditation is a great way to step away and reconnect with your spirit.  This short guided meditation is designed to help you cultivate a sense of inner peace for yourself, and then in the true spirit of giving, extending peace to others!

My hope is that you will take some time to actively pursue inner peace, because peace on earth begins with you!  To help you get started, download my 10 Ways to Cultivate Inner Peace Guide.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety and Stress

f you have anxiety or stress, progressive muscle relaxation can help calm your mind and your body, and help you feel better emotionally and physically.

Anxiety and stress not only cause emotional upset and discomfort, but they create tension in the body such as headaches, stiffness in the neck, or tightness in the chest and abdomen.  Body tension is a result of the fight or flight response being activated, and it lingers in the body long after anxiety or stress are gone.  To make matters worse, we tend to cycle in and out of periods of anxiety and stress, which keeps our nervous system in a chronic heightened state, and then the cumulative effects take a toll on our body.

A big problem is that anxiety, stress, and body tension is our default state and we don’t even recognize it.

Why does Progressive Muscle Relaxation work to decrease anxiety and panic?

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Why I <3 Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness and Why Has it Become So Popular?

It is helpful to look at mindfulness in two ways.  First, mindfulness is a way of being that includes a quality of mind and an innate capacity that we all have.  Our brain has the capability for awareness, attention, focus, and control, and we naturally flow in and out of these states regularly whenever we are conscious.  So rest assured, mindfulness is not something that is available to an enlightened few, you already possess it.

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