The truth is, life can leave us feeling stressed out, burned out, anxious, and overwhelmed. 

In the mayhem of daily living, we sometimes veer off the path and seem to lose our way.  We lose sense of who we really are and what really matters.

Joy and peace seem like pie in the sky dreams or bygone memories…or reserved for those who are more spiritual or have it all together.

And to make matters worse, we mistakenly believe that when our lives slow down things will get better and we wait and wait...for life to slow down…and the stress, burnout, and disconnection to ourselves and others goes on and on and on…

There is a better way!  A way of reconnecting to your heart and your deepest desires for your life.  A way to experience PEACE NOW!  And it is by choice, not circumstance.

Are YOU ready to awaken to your heart’s deepest calling to wholeness, restoration and well-being? 

Are you ready to reclaim your inner truth and your birthright of joy?

Is it time for YOU to come home to yourself…to slow down, calm down, and discover inner peace that is always available to you?

Join us for a half-day retreat at the charming Serenity House in historic downtown Senoia, GA.  Using the ancient and sacred practices of mindfulness and meditation, together we will embark on a journey of inner stillness, deep peace, gratitude, and self-compassion. Led by Mindfulness-based psychotherapist and meditation instructor, Kimberley Mapel, enjoy a day of:

·      Awakening to the beauty of the present moment

·      A deeper connection to your true-self

·      A renewed sense of curiosity and wonder

·      Balancing your body, mind, and spirit

·      Greater self-compassion

·      New ways to relate to yourself and your life

Retreat Highlights Include:

·      Quieting, Centering, and Intention Setting Practices

·      Gentle Yoga

·      Journaling and Reflection

·      Guided Meditation

·      Labyrinth Philosophy and Meditation

·      Silent mindfulness walking meditation

·      Lunch

This retreat is suited for anyone interested in cultivating a greater sense of peace, joy, and serenity.  Movement and meditation exercised are for all levels of experience and beginners are welcome!

Cost:  $95

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